Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking for growth opportunity?

Is Luminance Marketing the Ideal Place to Work?

The tough economic climate has meant many people have had to settle with jobs which don’t provide them with a comfortable working environment with limited opportunity. You might have been in this situation yourself. Luminance Marketing is an employer which offers something different.

Located at 7120 Hayvenhurst #202, Van Nuys, CA 91406, Luminance Marketing is one of few companies which have continued to grow, expand, and hire through a program for sustainable growth. And it’s proud to offer a variety of services to entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals.

Employment Opportunity

Luminance Marketing is proud of being an organization which operates anti-discriminatory policies. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you’ve been, all we care about is what you can contribute to this thriving operation. It’s a multi-cultural work environment which embraces values from all sections of society.

Potential for Advancement

Along with its policies on equal opportunity, apply to Luminance Marketing and you know you’re applying for a job which gives you untold opportunity for advancement. Employees become eligible for expert training in management, people, and sales scales. From here, you can rise as high up as you want.

Promotion is dictated on what comes from within, not on seniority. If you excel at your job, you don’t have to stagnate because someone has worked for us for an extra year. It’s about ability and merit, not on archaic ideas of seniority.

Management and Responsibility

Management means something different in this organization. It’s not about merely taking control of the same tasks you did before. It’s about truly rising to that crucial next level.

Look at www.luminancemarketing.com and it’s clear we cater to entrepreneurs in a diverse range of industries. Managers specialize in one of these markets and essentially become their own bosses. It’s a level of advancement and control which simply isn’t available in most businesses.


  1. I'm Alodia, finding it hard to get a job.

    I need ways to make some money other than the usual jobs around the house stuff, Got any ideas? Got little money to put into something.

  2. I think your ideas sound good. Luminance Marketing Rocks !!

  3. When it comes to making money, I heard you have to make sure it stays with the game your making and not export it out to any other franchise or platform, is it true?

  4. I am a stay at home mom to my 3 year old son. I joined some Internet CEO Moms a while ago and I have to say it's not that great experience! Can you please suggest me some ideas by which I can be financially independent.

  5. I would love to talk to you and get some valuable info so you can guide me well!!

  6. hey, I was in exactly same situation a month back. just wanted to earn some extra cash. looked for quite some jobs here n there but didn't find any ones worth my time. some were time consuming, others required travelling and none just suited. But when I approached luminance marketing team, I was really amazed about their professional approach, I hope lots of people take the benefits you are offering.

  7. Thanks for this artilce!. I hope you can give me some ideas which will help me meet my goals quickly, because that is the goal. I want to make money fast, and I want it now, reply me back with your schemes on my email.

  8. So, I'm looking over the different opportunities there are to make money to try and see what area might interest me the most. I've attempted to aggregate a list from looking at the forums in different communities, are there any other options you think this might change my decision to choose your marketing program?

  9. I would take an options play on a couple of finanical and resource stocks I have been keeping a close eye on. If things go to trend, I could make $200 in about 20 mins with just a couple of clicks to place the buy and sell orders. But like the saying goes, easy come, easy go and I could lose that money just as quickly. For a safer bet I would require some guidance from you guys, please mail me some options.

  10. Found this article through the internet and really enjoyed it. I liked the idea of the marketing schemes you are introducing, they are unique, a new concept, thanks!